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Dark Metal MUSH is a text-based, chatroom-style game using the White Wolf World of Darkness roleplaying system. Set on the west and east coasts of a post-apocalyptic former United States, supernaturals and cybernetics are the new reality.

Welcome to The Dark Metal Wiki!

Dark Metal is a MUSH - a 'Multi-User Shared Hallucination.' A MUSH is something like a complex, heavily customized chatroom in which players can create characters, move from room to room in an interactive world, and participate in text-based roleplay, with tools to help track stats, calculate and roll dice, and many more elaborate toys. This particular MUSH is based on the White Wolf Old World of Darkness theme (revised edition), set in a futuristic, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles and the surrounding territories. We support many of the OWoD systems, including Vampire, Werewolf (Garou, Bastet, Corax, Ratkin), Mage, Mortal+ (Sorcerers / Psychics and Cyber), and garden-variety humans.

How To Play

You can telnet in to the game via any standard telnet program, with URL and port 2039.

RP Troupes

Featured Zones


Featured Factions

Featured Characters


Game running normally again as of 10:00 Eastern 2-4-2017

Game is back up as of 3:30 Eastern 7-25-2015

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The Game

The People

The Story

  • Setting: To help you find your place within the World of Darkness
  • Technology: Because what's life without a bit of tech?
  • Conventions: Game elements and features for Troupes and Rpers to use.
  • Plots: Active Plots that are in development.
  • Faction: Active factions of PCs and NPCs.

Recent Logs


Pages in DevelopmentEdit

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Recent Activity

Dark Metal Trailer - Updated05:03

Dark Metal Trailer - Updated

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