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• 1/1/2016

Talking over a Telnet!

Hey! I'm trying to work my head around the telnet, never used one and I have everything set up (Using a MUSH based one) Though finding much material on how commands work is eluding me. Anyone able to help or got Advice?

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• 1/4/2016

Hi Krajin! Welcome to the wonderful world of mushing!

Which commands are you having trouble with? How to connect to Dark Metal? How to log in? Navigate once you're in?

If you're able to create an account and log in, "+help" will give you a list of DM-specific commands created by the game's administrators, and "help" will give you a (massive) list of commands and stuff that you use to actually OOCly code stuff within the game (like building rooms, creating new commands, etc.). If you type "=new <message>", you can chat on the "newbie" channel and get immediate feedback from anyone who's online and not idle (and everyone is really friendly so don't be shy)

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